Who We Are

Asurvio was founded in 1996 to serve consumer needs surrounding Windows PC support, specifically starting with helping users with common driver related issues.  Our focus has always been on customer care and support, we always desire to put the customer first in our products and services.  If it’s not solving customer issues then we don’t focus on it.

Asurvio  is the global trusted driver update authority. Asurvio has produced some amazing and ingenious proprietary software for use in custom user interfaces and intelligence containing databases for driver update functionality. This has propelled Asurvio steadily upward since they started in 1996.

Asurvio was the first to market with:

  • Driver scanning technology
  • Just In Time (JIT) optimization service based on software usage
  • Driver intelligence database
  • Machine model matching technology
  • Integrated tier 1 and 2 support with knowledge-base technology

Additionally, Asurvio has developed all products on the cutting-edge, secure .NET framework to assure the ability to provide the best possible user experience.